Sep 10, 2008

okay okay okay! TN Travels, Part 1!

Alright, I know I have taken for-EVAH to update! But I've had a lot going on! :) After 3 weeks in TN, I had kitties to re-bond with, a house to clean, etc! I will probably post a few updates about our TN travels...

First of all, if you don't get the new blog title, it's because you are seriously un-cool... Just kidding! It's a reference from my most favorite show (anyone know it?!) Friends! It is from an episode in season seven. You can see the clip on Youtube, Here. 
Joey: "all right, Rach. The big question is, "does he like you?" All right? Because if he doesn't like you, this is all a moo point. "
Rachel: "Huh. A moo point?"
Joey: "Yeah, it's like a cow's opinion. It just doesn't matter. It's moo. "
Rachel: "Have I been living with him for too long, or did that all just make sense?"

ah, one of my most favorite Friends moments!

Well, we drove down to TN by way of Baltimore, MD to see my favorite niece, Charlotte-O.(and her parents, who happen to be my favorite Brother and Sister in Law!) It was too short of a visit, but it was great to see them again! I miss them lots! I am looking forward to going with them to the Outer Banks in October, where my Dad has rented a Beach house! Woot!

We got to TN, where B went to work learning important stuff about nuclear reactors... don't ask me about it though, cuz i totally don't get it! I am the lucky one, cause I got to play all day everyday with my in laws! :) Ann and I went and had tea at a fancy tea room (owned by a British woman!) and did LOTS of shopping!

I got an early Christmas gift- golf clubs! I am learning to golf (sort of!) and so I got to go to the driving range and try out my new clubs with B and his Dad! Yea!! B and Bruce did play one game one day, and B did really good! :)

We also got to go to the Tennessee Aquarium, which was AWESOME. The day we went the penguins were SO active! They were sooo cute, and of course, reminded me why they are my most favoritest animal! The aquarium has two sides, a river side and an ocean side... it is seriously huge! we did it on two separate days! They also had interactive parts... I got to touch a sting ray and a sturgeon! There was a butterfly sanctuary which was also pretty neat. We also did a boat ride on the TN River, which was cool, but we were hoping to have seen a little more wildlife. (Saw LOTS of blue herons though!)

We had lunch in Georgia with Ann's brother and sister and their spouse's, which was really cool! I had never met Uncle Pat & his wife before, so I was really glad to finally do so!
We also got to eat dinner on the REAL Chattanooga Choo Choo! They had a restaurant in an authentic dining car! It was soo cool, and yummy too!

We also went down to GA to go to the World of Coke. Both B and I had been there before, but the two southerner's (Ann and Bruce) had not! Anyway, since we were there last the world of coke has moved to a completely new location, at the Olympic Park where the 1996 Olympic Opening Ceremonies was held. It was totally different than the last time I had been there! Of course I LOVED it! We also got to eat @ the Varsity, which is near GA Tech (Bruce's Alma Mater) and it is the world's largest drive in restaurant. It was cool! ( and Yummy!). On our way home (after B took pictures @ olympic park @ sunset...) we stopped at a LEDO's!!! For those who don't know....Ledo's Pizza originally opened in College Park, MD and is the greatest pizza in the world! And B and I have been missing it!! It was so good to get it again!

That's a good summary of our 3 weeks. I will post another one about all that we did on our trip home!
You can see all the pic's that I have (so far. i don't have B's), Here. *

*when i originally typed this there were  lots of pictures.. but i entered them wrong, andi am too lazy to enter them again. So just click on the link :)