Apr 17, 2009

Third Trimester! (AAaaaaaaah!)

I've been wracking (racking?) my brain trying to come up with a blog to write. I'm so boring. It will be much easier to come up with things to write about once the baby (hereafter, TB) arrives. I'll have cute pictures and great stories to post. For now, it's just boring ole Brian and I. And most of the "joys" of pregnancy might not be blog friendly content. (heck, my husband doesn't even want to hear a lot of what I have to say about pregnancy!) But I'll give a go at sharing the "G" rated content. :)

When Brian's pager went off @ 2am (don't worry, the plant didn't meltdown), I couldn't get back to sleep and I remembered some other stuff to add to this post. If it is new, it is in blue.

I look down and I don't feel all that huge. But then I look at the recent pictures of myself and I'm like, WHOA. Who's that?! And really, the baby is only about 2-3lbs... why am I so huge? (I know, I know, fluid, placenta, etc.) I never really expected to NOT be huge. It is still just weird seeing your body change like that...seemingly overnight!

I LOVE love LOVE feeling TB move. It is so weird, but awesome. It can still be hard for other people to feel her sometimes, but Brian has gotten to feel her quite a bit now. She is stubborn (this is a bad sign), b/c some how she seems to know when someone else puts their hand on my belly-- then she stops kicking! (this reminds me of an episode of Friends every time she does it...). She also is a snuggle bug. During both my ultrasounds the tech had a difficult time getting the measurements needed b/c the baby was curled up in some way. I can also FEEL her wasting space in my enormous abdomen. She gets all tucked up in my right side. The left side is just all fluid- it's crazy that you can FEEL the difference in my belly where she is and where she isn't! I think I'm going to really miss feeling her move once she's on the outside! (Or, I'll be so tired from having a newborn I won't even notice!)

I'm surprised at my lack of documentation around this pregnancy. I thought I'd be making Brian whip out the camera every chance he got to take a picture of my emerging belly. I've been very forgetful, and so my belly pictures are sporadic at best. Now that there is more rapid change, perhaps i'll be more on top of it. Here's a slideshow of Ultrasounds and the belly pictures I DO have...

Funny Story: On April Fool's Day, I got Brian and my parents to believe that the baby was really a boy! I was so proud of myself. Especially since my Mom has always gotten me on April Fools Day. When I was a kid, she would call over to my dad's house reeeeeeeeeally early in the AM and tell me school was canceled or my stepdad won the lottery... and I always believed her b/c it was so early!! But, now I am sort of paranoid that TB really COULD be a boy, and I've jinxed it now...now, no one will believe me! LOL.

I'm in the third trimester now, which is crazy. This is the trimester you deliver in! Whoa. There will be a BABY soon. Holy heck, what did we get ourselves into?! And there is still so much to do! I'm getting a little anxious, even though I KNOW we have time to do everything... I'm still going to be uneasy till it is all done, i think!

27/28 week appointment- I had my glucose test this week (testing for Gestational Diabetes). I still don't know the results, even though my office said they had them, they had to be reviewed by my midwife. I had to drink this really sweet drink on an empty stomach, and for the first time my entire pregnancy, I almost threw up! I was so glad when I got to eat! In between drinking the drink and having my blood drawn, I had my appointment with my midwife. My mom had oh-so-kindly pointed out that she thought i looked bigger than 27 weeks. Well, I'm happy to report my weight gain is on the low (but healthy) end, and my belly measured right on track! Woohoo!

Non-pregnancy related updates...

My Dad and stepmom came to visit (we forgot to take pictures, of course!), which was lots of fun! It was too short, but i'm so glad they came. In preparation for their visit I did a massive overhaul cleaning which was long overdue. (I'm a baaaaaaaad housewife, especially in winter). We'd also been meaning to paint our bathroom, and their visit gave us the much needed motivation to do so. But before we painted, we decided, why not change the light fixture, and get rid of the mirror?! Unfortunately, I did forget to take before pictures, but I do have some pic's of our "renovation". It looks 100x better! I'm so happy! (The trim still needs paint...We'll get around to it...someday...) It was QUITE the ordeal, but we got it all done!

We then had a really nice time with my mom's family on Easter (again, no pictures)... We did our usual thing of eating and playing games. Our time there reinforced my thinking that we will never get cable. Brian enjoyed the access to ESPN a little too much! He was watching GOLF. I can get on board with watching most sports...but GOLF? Anyway, it made me realize that would be all.we.would.watch if we had cable. So, I'm glad we've got nothing for now! :) I think that's about all for the updates! :)

Apr 13, 2009

Real Post Later...

But for now, check this out: