Apr 13, 2009

Real Post Later...

But for now, check this out:


  1. Who took the job of keeping that ball rolling, haha! But yes, good point about using less plastic bags. I have to admit that I am pretty bad at trying to remember my bags when I go grocery shopping. This video was a good reminder to try and do better.

    Hope you are feeling well!!

  2. I finally broke down and started purchasing reusable bags. I actually like them better then the plastic ones... the are more durable and I don't have to worry about them breaking.

  3. G- I LOVE using my recyclable bags for that reason. They hold SOOO much more too! And, at my grocery store I have a handheld scanner that makes it sooo much easier to use my own bags!

    S- I have a hard time remembering sometimes too. It helps if they are in the car already. I try to put it on my grocery list as well (first item: recycling bag!)

    When I forget, i use them for scooping my (better for the enviroment) World's Best Cat Litter. :)