Oct 3, 2008

Not a real blog update...

I have spent the morning reading this awesome (but very sad) blog... this family is going through a VERY difficult time right now, and their faith is awesome... I hope to never have to face what they are facing..but if I do, I pray that I will have the faith that Stacy has, the knowledge that He Will Carry Me...

I really encourage you to click on the link and spend sometime reading the past blogs of Stacy, that explain where she, her husband Spencer, and their son, Isaac... 

It is challenging to think that in the face of such sadness that our God IS a good God...that he has a plan for us.. 

I have some friends in MD who went through a similar thing last year. I attended their baby's funeral, and i was struck then, too, how awesome their faith was.

If you want to know more about the God that Stacy & her family are clinging to after reading her blogs, just ask me. 

I will try to post a real update later!

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