Oct 19, 2008

I am a bad, bad blogger...

But, what can you do!?

TN Travels, Part 2.  well... really, our way home from TN...
On our way home, we stopped to see my dear friend Genelle and her hubby Josh... they happened to be going to Josh's parents for the night the same time we were going to be driving through VA! it 
was great to see them, of course! 
B got to take some pictures in Shenandoah National Park while we were waiting for J &G to arrive in Staunton.
We then tried to do our hot air balloon ride... but it wa
s a bust, again! Maybe Christmas time it will work out...

We stopped by my Dad's for a quick visit, which was awesome! I'm such a daddy's girl... 
Then we continued on to State College, PA, home of B's alma mater...you may have heard of it... PENN STATE!  And, for labor day weekend, Lori and Dustin Butler's wedding! :) We had a blast @ the wedding and in state college... We loved catching up with so many of our wonderful friends-- PSU weddings are like reunions!  B and I met up with our friends Colin and Liz... they had to introduce me to "Nittany":

But the best part (for me!) was getting to meet all the new future Penn State-ers!  I think 4 PSU babies (maybe more, I can't remember!) were born in the 7 weeks before this wedding! So I got to enjoy holding and cooing over all the babies!!

Okay, that's One (mini) post down... I may even post again later today to continue w/ my catch up!

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