Nov 1, 2008

One Year...

Ok, So I am a little late posting my One Year Blog...but we had a busy week!

I can't believe we've been married for a year! It's SO crazy to me.. it feels like yesterday I was freaking out trying to pack up everything to drive to Chesapeake Beach for the wedding. At the same time, it has been SUCH a busy year, it sometimes feels a lot longer than only one...

So, since Oct 27th, 2007:
I have moved 2x (brian only once:)
Lived in 3 states due to those moves.
Spent more time in a hotel than I EVER have in my life. 
Travelled to California and Alabama for the first time (for me)
Saw the Pacific Ocean and Disneyland, LA  and San Diego for the first time!
Travelled to or through the following states: NH, MA, RI, CT, NY, NJ, DE, PA, MD, VA, TN, CA, AL, GA, NC, FL, WV-- that is 17!! That is a THIRD of the US. That is insane, by the way!
Went to Mexico for the first time (again, for me...B is much more travelled than i!)
Went to @ least 3 weddings...
Seen like, 10 of our friends have babies! (or get pregnant)!

and that of course, is just the tip of the iceberg... The real stuff, the important stuff... that is too much to ever list! we have grown so much, learned so much about each other.. It hasn't all been fun and games folks! (if you've ever been in any relationship, you would know that! LOL. ) But the good that comes from the fighting always makes it worth it.. Hopefully year two will make us even more patient and loving with each other! God has revealed Himself so much to me through B.. Marriage is definitely a powerful tool of the Holy Spirit... I hope that I will continue to seek God's heart for our marriage in the coming year...even more so than last year! 

I can't wait to see what He brings next year!! 

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