Nov 2, 2008

New News...

So, in case you don't follow me on Twitter, I have some news! I am starting to sell my scarves! Woohoo! It is mostly just for fun.. .but who doesn't mind a wee bit O cash, too?!  To the right I have posted the link to my shop and my new blog, which I will (hopefully) be updating often with updates about me and my shop, what I am knitting, and also other things I've found that are cool on etsy... If I get a good enough following on twitter and etsy, I may try to do a giveaway (not just my items) or something over on that blog... so it is worth checking out!! :) Plus, I'd really appreciate it! 

That's it for now...i wrote a good one yesterday, so i figure this could be a short, shameless plug...


  1. Your scarves are gorgeous! Congrats on your new little shop. I love that orange one. I will post some on my blog in a couple of days if that's okay.

  2. Need some new news chica! You're totally Blog slacking!!!! :P

    And I'm bored! It seems like everyone is blog slacking the last 2 weeks.