Jan 29, 2009

16 weeks pregnant, maybe I should finally blog?

Well, the cat is out of the bag, as everyone knows already. So I can finally blog about being pregnant.

Of course, I would've done it sooner, had I had the energy.

The first trimester, I felt VERY blessed, b/c i really had no morning sickness. Yay! Praise God! I did have some food aversions (still do!), but it has really been very easy to manage.

I did however, get the Oh-so-fun insomnia, which still comes and goes, though it isn't as bad as in the first trimester.

And, the lovely exhaustion. Hopefully my subsequent pregnancies I won't be quite so exhausted!! I can't imagine having a toddler running around and being this tired!! ACK! Anyway, the exhaustion, like the insomnia, seems to be coming and going now.. some days i am really good, and other days, i could sleep all day!

Still no baby bump.

I had my 16 week appointment yesterday, which was really good. My midwife assured me that all was well even though I have no bump, and no weight gain. We scheduled my appointment for my "big" ultrasound.. this is the ultrasound where they check fetal anatomy for different typed of birth defects-- heart chambers, the brain, abdominal organs, etc. This is also the ultrasound where we get to find out whether the baby is a boy or a girl! We can't wait! :)

Baby S's heartrate was in the 140s again.. seriously, best sound ever! :) It was such a great reassurance to hear it! According to my weekly emails, baby S is about the size of an avocado this week.

I have started to feel the baby move- i think! I really can't tell for sure if it is the baby, but I am 90% sure! I usually can feel it when i am laying on my stomach, or sitting really still (like when i am typing on the laptop!) I can't wait for the movement to be more regular!

Alright, i think this is enough excitement for now! Hopefully I won't go so long between blogs from now on! :)


  1. Yay! It's all so exciting! Don't worry you'll wake up one day and be like "where did this belly come from"! Glad your feeling well and have made it through the yucky part... and it will be back before you know it at the end :) Congrats to you and hubs!
    Stephanie (mrsstud)

  2. anne-this is so fun! I felt Cash move at 14 weeks, it was the best feeling ever! It wasn't until much later that Justin could feel him too. Just wait when you're in bed one night and your whole stomach moves from one side to the other. really freaky in an awesome kinda way!!:)

  3. With Bean, I totally first felt her move when I was on my stomach. I think it's easiest that way. :) Yay for that!! I'm so excited for you!! :) Wait until they start jabbing limbs out that you CAN SEE.