Feb 4, 2009

25 Things...

25 Things is a Facebook Phenomenon. Basically, you write 25 "interesting" things about yourself, then you get other people you are friends with to do the same. I finally caved and did mine, and figured i should add it to the blog as well... Thus taking care of my weekly post. :)

Here are my 25 things...

1)I had to read other people's notes for inspiration in order to come up with 25 things. That's kind of sad, b/c i think of myself as fairly interesting.
2) I scrunch my toes when i am nervous. In general, i move my toes a lot. I really like moving my toes.
3) I LOVE my husband. He spoils me rotten, and I love it.
4) Along those lines, I LOVE having my feet rubbed by said husband, but I won't rub his. Boy feet skeeve me out.
5) I am good at ideas- I'm a starter, not a finisher. Probably why it has taken me so long to finish this! Brian jokes that pregnancy is the one "idea" that i will have to finish! Hopefully it will help me to grow!
6)I love old cars. I'd love to redo one someday, though I have no idea what i am doing. And, I'd probably never finish it (see#5!)
7)I am a pretty decent swing dancer. I miss it. Someday, I would love to compete, if i ever got that good.
8) 8 is my lucky number. I was born 8 days late, 8 days before christmas, and the digits in my birthday = 8 (1+7=8). When i say my "lucky #", what I mean is, it is my favorite #.
9)When I was a little girl, my dad brought my brother and I to work (@ the FBI) and we took polygraph tests. I failed.
10) I'd love to climb a "fourteener" someday, even though when I lived in CO I could barely climb a foothill. I'd love to do it though!
11) I plan on running a marathon someday!
12) I love to travel, but hate to plan for the travel. Another reason I love my husband, he is a good planner! :)
13) I belong to an "Online Community" which makes me feel extremely geeky. However, I've met some awesome women on there, and it keeps me from being totally isolated since moving to MA! So I love it!
14) I REALLY enjoyed gambling the few times I have done it. I am pretty sure I should never live anywhere where gambling is legal. I might get into trouble.
15) I LOVED playing texas hold 'em with an old group of friends- not for the gambling, but b/c we always had such a fun time! I wish I could get a group together again to play, but I am sure it would never be the same..
16) the baby just kicked me. Such a cool feeling!
17) I LOVE how close I live to to the ocean now, even though it is REALLY cold water, even in the hottest summer. I think I will always need to live this close to water now...
18) I finally got up on one ski last summer, on the last water skiing day of the season. I am bummed that i may not get a chance to practice again this summer, due to the arrival of baby S. But, i think that is a good reason to skip it next year!
19) I love Coach bags. I always said I didn't "get" designer bags. I blame my addiction on my best friend.
20) I love my best friend. She is totally awesome, so generous. She knows how to handle me, and she puts me in my place! she rocks my sox off.
21) I have two cats. One of them has never gotten a name that sticks. So her name is "baby girl".
22) I have started to like baseball, b/c I have been swept into Red Sox Nation.
23) I always have been, and always will be, a die hard Redskins fan.
24)I love Jesus. I'm struggling with what it means to be in a Christian marriage and raise a Christian family. But I am excited to find out, and I know He will carry me, and bring me through!
25) I think I have been tagged so many times, not because everyone wanted to know more about me, but because my name begins with "a" so that brings me to the top of a list quicker...


  1. Umm this is a cheat post ;o) You can't copy and paste a note from facebook! It gets all of who stalk your facebook and your blog excited for something new --- and then COPIED!

  2. Hey I didn't know you liked gambling! That's pretty cool. I'm terrible at gambling so I hate doing it, even though I've been to Vegas a bunch of times.