Feb 25, 2009

Baby Bump and Cruise Pics

Here's a link to my facebook photos that have my "bump" pictures... I'll go ahead and show you the most recent one, taken at 19.5 weeks, on our cruise:
Right now, I can still just look fat, depending on the angle and the outfit. Trust me, this is a really flattering "bump" pic. :) Hopefully I will be more on top of taking pictures now!

Over the last week, baby S has REALLY stepped up the movement. Before I used to have to be sitting still for awhile to feel him/her. But now, almost as soon as I sit or lay down, I feel the baby moving! Its crazy! I love the feeling. 

Another baby note- we find out tomorrow if baby S is a boy or a girl! We both think it is a girl.. but we will see!! Or, with my luck, the baby will be super shy and not show it (or the lack of an "it") off! :)

Here's a link to our Miami and Cruise pictures... I will add a few of Brian's pics later, probably to the same album, so don't be afraid to check again!

This is a slideshow of the same pictures, in case you are too lazy to click on the link. :o)
Be sure to check out the captions to hear about our trip! :) I may post a trip blog, or I may not... so the captions may be all you get! :)

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