Mar 21, 2009

Update to Baby S movements...

There has been a new movement instilled in me this week (week 24 of pregnancy).


This is sort of a combination of the "Twitch" and the "Jab", except for that instead of the movement seeming to be directed out (away from my insides) the slithery-roo's defining characteristic is that it is directed more towards my internal organs. While I still LOVE feeling her move, these movements are giving me the heebie-jeebies. It feels SO weird, like she is touching stuff that isn't meant to be touched!! I felt a little "rolling" this AM so I was hoping the slithery-roo was over and she had moved enough that it would be back to "normal". But alas, she is still doing the slithery-roo jig on my bladder, intestines and various other organs. Still isn't a painful movement, just incredibly weird!



  1. hehe. I think girls move a lot more than boys. Ocean had like 3 moves during the day and the hiccups. I mostly remember the hiccups. ;)

  2. This is NOT my favorite. My kids tended to roll over my bladder the most. (Well, and as they got bigger, areas that DID NOT LIKE IT. *ahem*).

    And I second the comment about boys vs girls with movement. My girls were insanely active. This little guy? Not so much. At least not until 9pm :)