Jun 4, 2009

Links to Pictures

Here's a few pictures from our recent activities, as well as links to all the pics! :)

These are two of the pictures we had done recently... Here's a link to the rest of the "teaser" pics we have. When we get ALL the pictures, I'll be sure to post them! :) These pics are from when I was 32 weeks!

My First Baby Shower, hosted by Clare and Shani!
Link 1
Link 2 (has pics from both showers)

Baby Shower #2, hosted by various family members :)!

And, here is the baby's room post shower (and pre-organizing!) We are so blessed!!


  1. I love the belly shot at the top! You look great!

  2. ha! I love the baby explostion in the nursery.

    You look great, of course!