Jun 24, 2009

When will Baby Smith Arrive...

Well, I'm officially Full Term (according to my estimate of my due date... according to the doctor, I'll be fully cooked tomorrow...). That means Baby S has the green light to arrive. I have been having LOTS of contractions, but no baby yet! So, When do YOU think she will make her appearance? FYI, my due dates are July 12 (my estimate) and July 16 (according to an ultrasound I had at about 10 weeks). At my most recent appointment I was measuring just a few days ahead of the July 16th date... You can vote here...

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I've been feeling pretty good, though fairly tired (i suppose waking up several times a night is going to be my new "normal!"). We've been blessed (in MY opinion!) with unusually cool weather. It's been quite rainy- but I'm not going to complain b/c I am so happy it isn't too hot!! We've had a lot of visitors recently- hopefully I'll blog about those soon! :)

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  1. I'll put my vote down here as well - July 6th 5pm