Aug 18, 2009

One Month Old!!

eep! it's so hard to keep up with the blog these days. I also wish I had more time to read my buddies blogs. I've gotta fix up my google reader so I can read them on my iphone...

things are going really well. Of course, it all depends on when you ask me that question. Obviously, if I have time to write a blog, it's a good day, so I think things are going splendidly. :) C sleeps pretty well- even when i complain, i realize it could be a thousand times worse! She recently started giving me really long stretches at night, which has been awesome. She sleeps in her own room now (:tear:!) I miss her, but I'm much happier having my husband in my room. Maybe it's controversial, but I think our room is for US. And B couldn't sleep with her getting up in the night, so he was sleeping in the guest room. Well that lasted for four nights! I'm glad things are as they should be, though I really missed having her by the bed! And she looks so little in her crib!

We've had quite the slew of visitors! My Dad, Robin, My mom, B's parents, Shani, my bro and sis-in law, and various aunts and uncles & cousins and tomorrow Genelle! Phew! when Genelle leaves I'll really be on my own! GULP!! I've had a few alone days though, and they go okay. :)

We had a family reunion with my mom's side of the family this past weekend. it was SO fun! it is crazy how much my cousins kids have grown up. I can't believe next year how much different C will be!! I really love my family and I'm glad we got to see everyone and hang out! And C was SO good!! She made me look like such a good mom, LOL.

We've been cloth diapering since we came home from the hospital (so since she was 2 days old!) I really like doing it! I'll probably blog in detail about it sometime in the future, but I HIGHLY reccommend it. It really isn't much extra work at all-- It's actually fun for me to do diaper laundry! And i'm so glad to be doing something good for the environment. Plus, no poop explosions! I haven't had a diaper leak (other than user error when she was really little). And trust me, there's been some SERIOUS pooping goin on. (this is the only time in life i find it appropriate to blog about poop, LOL. and probably some of you think even now isn't a good time! hehe.)

Brian has been doing really well with her. :) It's so cute. I got tears in my eyes when we first came home from the hospital and he was holding her... i might get choked up again just thinking about it....

speaking of post partum hormones, i feel like i'm doing pretty well. Though I suppose you should ask Brian!! hehe! it has definitely been rough some days (usually it's in connection with rough nights!) , for the most part I feel like I'm feeling pretty good, emotionally and physically. My tailbone is still pretty sore though! :(

I seriously can't believe how much C has changed already. She can hold her head up for quite awhile (it's SO cute! she peers over my shoulder, just taking in the world.::dies:::) She really looks different too! (though everyone still says she looks like Brian!!)

I swear she smiled at me the other morning. I know it's too soon, and it was at 4am and I'm all sleep deprived. But I'm still going to think that she smiled at me. :)

I'm sure I could write about a thousand other things, but I'm afraid naptime is about to end! :)

More pics to come later! You can check out my web gallery here:


  1. Oooo I can't wait to read about your cloth diapering experience. It's something I've been thinking about for months but just haven't worked up the courage to start!
    Cassie is so adorable! I'm glad to hear things are going well. You're a fantastic mom!

  2. We are actually expecting again and I am debating about it for the next one. Any types you particularly recommend?? Thanks!! She is too cute and I can definitely see Brian.