Aug 31, 2009

Cloth Diapering Pictures...

Ok, So I tried to upload these close to chronological order. I need to take some more recent pics in her Gro Baby's! While I am pretty sure most of her covers would still actually fit, I've retired them rather than buy more prefolds to use in them. So for now (as long as i can contain myself from buying more CDs!) all we use are the Gro Baby's.

6 Days Old in a Gro Baby.

3 Days old in a cover made by my friend Brooke. You can visit her Etsy Shop.

3 Days Old in an XS Thirsties Cover. (Thirsties are my favorite covers!)

2 Days Old in a preemie Imse Vmse cover. (I liked these, but C outgrew them fast. Great for a smaller baby, I'd think...)

10 Days old in another XS Thirsties Cover

8 Days old in a Gro Baby. I used two booster pads instead of a snap-in soaker for a trimmer fit. Worked great! (I still do that in a pinch if it's laundry day!)

15 Days old. This is an Orange Edged Green Mountain Diaper Prefold. These were great! This is what she is wearing under most of the covers. We mostly jus trifolded into the cover (no pins or snappis needed), but we occasionally snappied (shown here). Snappi-ing is the new pinning. Sooo Easy! I never got REALLY good at doing folds with snappis, but I'm sure if I had practiced I would've gotten it!

15 Days old in a Gro Baby.

16 Days old, in another creation by Brooke! Love it!! :) My Lil fan!

18 days old, in a Thirsties Duo Size One. Sooo excited about these new covers. As I said in my last post, if I were to do it all over again, I would just use prefolds & covers. And if I was going to do that, i would stock up on Thirsties Duos. They are not a one size cover, but almost! This cover snaps down to what I would say is the same, if not a bit smaller, than a Thirsties XS cover. It goes to 18lbs or approximately 9 months. Then you can get the Thirsties Duo, size 2, which should take you through potty training. These really save you $ because they are well priced to begin with, & you won't have to buy NEARLY as many covers. (unless you just can't resist all the beautiful colors it comes in!)

Maybe I'll snap some pictures of her in her Gro Baby's later today for some more updated pictures! :) I do want to say, I LOVE my Gro Baby's! While they aren't AS economical as prefolds and covers, I think in the long run they are pretty close...

:) Feel free to ask any questions! :)

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