Sep 11, 2009

Cassie goes to Boston (& SBL Update!)

C & Me @ Boston Common

We had a busy Labor Day weekend with our friends Seth & Jennifer in town for a wedding. We didn't get to hang out with them as much as we would've liked (we are still learning to budget our time travelling with a baby, sorry again guys!) But it was a lot of fun. We intended to go to Boston with Seth and Jennifer, but we lost them right around Boston Common (our intended destination). B&C and I had fun, though we were missing our friends!

We took C to Boston Common because it was such a beautiful day. We went to see the Make Way for Ducklings (a children's book that takes place in Boston) statue. We also wandered around and made our way across Newbury Street over to Trinity Church for B to take some pictures. We then walked over to the Prudential Center for me to check out some stuff for C.
Here's a map of our walk...

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We ended the day by taking a ride on the famous Swan Boats . It will be fun to do these again when C is old enough to appreciate the boat ride. :) We sat on Boston Common for awhile seeing people play frisbee and hang out with their dogs... It was a great family day! :) We are looking forward to doing it again, if it doesn't get too cold soon!
C & Daddy waiting for the Swan Boat:

We spent Monday at my Mom's house where I succesfully achieved my goal of dropping a ski. I also managed to do this LAST Labor Day. But since I was pregnant for the majority of the summer, I'm proud i got it at all this year. Maybe next year I'll be able to finally master this skill! B & C hung out most of the day, and I got to snap this sweet picture:

And now for a SBL update. This week, I'm crowned the winner, though both of us feel that we could've made a better effort- we didn't lose much. I'm down 1.18% and B is down 0.873%. Hopefully I can stay in the lead! :) I think my prize may be a pair of Ugg Boots, but that hasn't been confirmed yet. :)

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