Jan 8, 2010

9 months on...3 months off?

So, I know the saying is 9 months on, nine months off, but that means I only have about 3 months to lose that baby (ice cream) weight! While the big guys on the Biggest Loser (my new favorite show) can lose 30lbs in a week, I don't think that is super realistic for moi.

Sadly, SBL was a big fat (pun intended) failure. We did decide to buy a treadmill as a Christmas gift for each other. We've committed to the Couch to 5k running plan, so far B has completed week one. I've completed 2/3 of week one (I would've completed it today but SOMEONE woke up early from her nap, cutting my work out by 10 min or so. So I'm going to do re-do it tomorrow!) Ultimately, I'd like to run a marathon someday, but i think it will have to wait until my child bearing days are over! One of my friends mentioned doing her "daily 5" which i've been trying to do as well. You do 5 push ups and 5 situps a day, and then add 5 each week. It isn't much, but it's enough to start making it a habit. I've found that incorporating the baby in my workouts makes it even better; I do my push ups over her face and kiss her each time i go down. She LOVES it! And it's more fun for me! I also try to hold her over my head and bench press her a few times a day for a few reps- she's probably 17-18lbs, so that's something! I'd like to do some work out videos on my days "off" from Cto5K... But I dont want to waste money either. So please recommend your favorite workout videos! :)

My longterm goal is to lose 35 pounds. This would put me at a pleasant, but not too thin, weight for my height. I have no idea how long it SHOULD take someone my size to lose that much weight.

Losing the baby (ice cream!) weight would mean losing about 15lbs. Can I do that in 3 months? Maybe if I only eat salad? (not realistic! but i could cut out my 1/2 a jar of PB a week...what? I LOVE PB!)

Another goal I have is to cook more. I really want to love to cook, LOL. I am trying to cook (or eat leftovers from a homecooked meal) 6 days a week & include more veggies. I'm planning on making C's babyfood, so I'll definitely have more fruits and veggies around for her! So hopefully we will snack on her left overs! :)

I'm putting this all out there (again!) so that I have some more accountability... If you're trying to get healthier too, feel free to let me know so we can encourage each other!


  1. You can totally do it!!! :) I'm also trying to return to my pre grad school "more concienous diet and workout routine". It's working well over break but things tend to go askew when school starts! I looked up the C25K thing when I saw you twitter it last week- very cool, I might try that in the spring once the weather warms up (no treadmill in house here :)

  2. I need to get back to serious eating as well! I was doing so well until just before Thanksgiving and then I kind of limped along until Christmas when I just kind of went crazy. lol! I seriously feel gross and tired. I NEED to do better! I'm going to be switching to healthy eating this week and I want to make time for the gym at least three times a week. We'll see how it goes...

  3. I got the 30 Day Shred by Jillian Michaels (Biggest Looser trainer). There are three 20 minute workouts that include cardio, abs and strength. They totally get my heart rate up and they only take 20 minutes. I haven't done it lately because it's sometimes to hard to work that hard:). However, if you want to loose weight, I think that it would work.

  4. Thanks K! I've been wanting to get that DVD. I didnt realize they were only 20 min! Awesome! I'm going to go for it then!