Jan 21, 2010


Expectations have come up a lot lately in my life. Expectations about being a mother. about being a daughter, a friend, a bible study member, a church go-er, a God follower, a wife... you get the idea.

I really don't think expectations have a place in our lives. I can't think of an instance where it's appropriate to expect something from anyone. Shall I expect my husband to come home and be perfectly willing (after a long hard day's work) to take the baby, change her, feed her, play with her AND take care of MY emotional needs. (And, expect that he shan't expect anything in return, of course.) On an even more basic level, I can hope that he honor's his commitment to me, but do i have the right to EXPECT that? (PS I have no doubt that he does/has/will honor this commitment, I'm just showing how deep our expectations can be...)

Should I expect my friends to call me and keep in touch (not thinking of ANYONE in particular, don't worry girls), so that I won't have to call them?

Should I expect that my daughter will never challenge me? Expect that she will grow up to be a God fearing woman just because I want her to?

Shall I expect to have a perfectly safe, protected life provided from my God? What right have I to expect anything from Him, when He has already given me His All?

I think not.

I loved when my church showed the video's from North Point Ministries called "iMarriage". I think everyone (married or not) will benefit from watching these. You can find them doing a youtube search. This video is from that series, just sort of a funny commentary on our expectations from Marriage...

I want to empty myself of my expectations. This is a daily struggle. Especially since I keep uncovering a new expectation I didn't realize I had, almot daily.

Expectations ruin my quest for contentment as well. Expectations that I have of myself, or (worse) think others have of me just cause me to struggle. Perhaps it is okay to expect things of ones self... but I'm not sure.

This post isn't really going anywhere, but I just wanted to share the idea that we all need to let go of our expectations, whatever they may be, and just seek Him first.

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