Feb 20, 2010

opposite of a super-mom...

C's been having a rough week with her teething, or who knows what else is getting at her... but it's been rough. And the other night she was inconsolable. Neither B nor I could calm her, we pulled out all the stops. She wouldn't even nurse. I was really upset that not only was my baby screaming in my ear, but that i no longer was capable of soothing all her pains. It used to be that nursing could cure all evil.

What did I think, I could nurse her through her first bump on her head after falling off her bike? That I could nurse her through her first fat lip, first stitches, or first heart break?

Obviously not.

But, it was still difficult to have the realization that i could not and will not be able to ease her pain.

But with great relief I realized I'm glad that that responsibility is His alone. He is always there for all of us, with the ability to soothe even our worst pain (even worse than teething. :) . We just need to call on Him. I'm looking forward to the opportunities I will have to point C to Him in her pain. Thank you for your reliability Father!

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