Mar 2, 2010

Princess and the Pea...or the hardwood floor, as it were.

C is doing well! Not too much to report. We still have trouble with naps, though we think the culprit may be vibrations... I think because her crib is on a hardwood floor, when we walk by it must creak or something, and the vibration gets her up (if she is at the "light" stage of sleep). At night it is no trouble, but in the wee am hours when B gets up or during naps, she ALWAYS wakes up if we walk by. (I know it isn't sounds, because we have a white noise machine AND a humidifier in there!)

So I'm in the market for carpet, since I can't be banished from the upstairs for a few hours a day! (And I NEED it to be a few hours a day, LOL!)

Otherwise, she's doing great. She's eating lots of foods, she loves to gnaw on a bagel or a piece of toast- helps me get the dishes done! She's still not quite crawling, but anytime now!

We're off to meet my new nephew this week, so excited about that!

and I'll leave you with this picture, which I've named "It's hard to hit a moving target!"


  1. She is so cute! I remember the days when Alexa wouldn't nap.. I still tiptoe when I walk past her room, in fear that her nap will be cut short. I hope the rug helps!