Dec 14, 2009

5 Months Old!

You can't see it, but I made a Christmas tree instead of an Exclamation Point this time!
Merry Christmas!

Do I start every post with "I can't believe..."? Because I feel like everyday I wake up to something new I can't believe she is doing. My little baby is getting so big, and I truly can't stand it.

I visited the neighbors twins and I keep thinking how much I miss that sleepy newborn stage... And C was never all that sleepy! I truly enjoy each day, even though I lament the passing of time. She is so sweet and we love her SO much!
She LOVED the socks. It was hard to get her to look up!

She continues to love to be called "the banana king" (stupid video can be seen here!) She is still working on mastering all her milestones. She is trying hard to sit on her own, but she still has a ways to go (much to her dismay!) She is so smiley in the morning (she's her mum's baby!) and continues to love "nakey" time. (being changed or getting ready for bed!) She hates having her jammies put on- we've concluded it's because you can never get the jammies on fast enough for her- she's ready for what follows jammies- FOOD! She still loves nursing, which I continue to be so thankful for. I cant believe in just a few weeks we will start giving her REAL food. Yikes!

I've got to hit the sack, so that's all for now!Hadn't gotten a daddy-daughter picture in awhile...

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  1. Look at her trying to sit up by herself, that is great!