Dec 13, 2009


I have many blogs in mind to write right now, hopefully i will pound them all out soon!
Our 3 weeks in TN went by so quickly. And I can't believe it's almost Christmas. After another eventful trip, we finally made it home friday night at 3am! The cat was VERY happy to see us. She's all up in my face even as I type. She tried to get in my lap when I was nursing the baby, she was so happy we were home.

I'm trying to think back on our trip and write about it, but i feel it flew by so fast! We did some shopping at the Chattanooga Market, one of my favorite places~and strangely enough, I even bumped into a girl I knew from Eastern! We both did a double take, and we weren't sure HOW we knew each other, but figured we at least must've met in passing...I figured out later, I'm pretty sure she was my TA for a Theology class! So weird! Especially since Eastern is so small!
We got Brian's mom hooked on Settlers of Catan and so mostly we played that while C took naps... It was definitely a change from being on the go the entire trip like we used to do! It was fun staying home and just seeing C interact with the Grandparents. I'm sure she's going to be bored to just have me to look at now!! Fortunately, it IS Christmas time which means there will be lots to do! (yes, yes, I DO realize we are too much on the go!)

It was especially nice for me to have help changing diapers and rocking the wee one to sleep. Speaking of sleep, we kept up with the Nap training and it is definitely helping ~ obviously, since I'm having time to blog! :) Literally, the DAY I was going to give up on it, she took her first nap without crying in the middle! She is still struggling with her afternoon nap, but hopefully today helps with that! She didnt get a great morning nap (gone are the days I can go to church and her have a nap! She only napped on my chest for about 20 minutes in the cry room) so she was ready to sleep this afternoon! Yay!
I got to (briefly) attend our neighborhood Christmas party last night. {Briefly because we had to put SOMEONE down early due to our travels the night before, and she woke up wanting to eat one last time} It was fun finally meeting a few more neighbors! I hope next year I'll be able to stay longer. We have such lovely neighbors! I'm so glad we live here! I knew the people who live behind us were expecting twins and I didn't see them at the party, so I stopped o ver there today and she DID deliver them a bit early! They were soooo cute. I can't imagine having two though! The first thing her husband said to me was, "So when did she sleep through the night! haha! Poor guy! So if you think of it, say a prayer for Greg & Sarah!

Tomorrow C turns 5 Months old. I can't believe it. I looked at those tiny newborns in total disbelief that my child was like 4x their size! (She was twice their size at birth!) She rolled over yesterday, for the first time I think it was actually intentional. She is definitely trying to figure it out whenever we leave her on her belly!

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  1. Ah!!! She just keeps getting cuter and cuter! I want to eat those little chubby cheeks! Love the pictures. I'm glad you had a good time in TN.