Dec 4, 2009

Just a tip...

I've been so tired lately. Too tired to remember cute stories to post on the blog. Too tired to post a wordless wednesday picture even! All because C hasn't been napping well. Baby "bootcamp" fixed her night sleep fairly easily, but her naps were still terrible. I've read several books and still felt like maybe i was doomed.

Enter my friend Susanne's blog!

thank you thank you thank you Susanne! She wrote a blog on working on stopping the swaddle. If you can believe it, all the books i've read go on and on about how swaddling is a wonderful thing (it is!) but NO tips on how to stop! So after going back and forth with her a bit, I'm now sitting here wondering if i need to wake the child up! She's taking her first nap that is longer than 50 minutes in over a month!! I'm in shock.

(In fact, I went and checked on her and made sure she was still breathing!!)

So check it out. She covers LOTS of great topics, not just sleep issues. I'm so thankful!

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