May 13, 2010

New Blog Post about a New Blog!

So I read a lot of blogs while I was breastfeeding C in the wee hours of the morning. I like reading them. I've been clogging this blog lately with posts about running. I decided to separate them (a bit, I'm sure there will be crossover, but I'd like to share even MORE than I have already on here:)

Any way, I hope you will read it and comment and give me feedback. I'd love to encourage others with this. I also just really like to write blogs (though we all know I'm not always the best at keeping up with them, I'm working on it!). I think it will also give me some accountability for my running.

and i just watched Julie and Julia. Who doesn't want to blog after that, LOL?

Anywhoo, here's the site. Feedback is appreciated! I hope you like it! :) Share with your friends. :)

One Running Mum

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