May 5, 2010

Time sure flies!

I can't believe how long I've gone without a post. There's so much going on, but also not a lot going on. Yeah, I know that made sense. :)

C is into everything, so curious. She's super adorable right now! She "talks" a lot. When we were at B's parents house, she seemed to be asking for "Da-da" and called B's Dad, Dada also. I don't think we can yet call it her first word though, since it's still the only consonant sound she is consistently making. She also will imitate me if I sneeze or cough in the car! So cute. We had a great time in TN. The flight down was awesome since she actually slept! The flight back was not so great. We were delayed bc of all the rain in Nashville (praying for the people there still!) C did really well under the circumstances, but it was still a really long day! She had a great time with Nan and GP though! We miss them already!

On the running/weight loss front, I crested losing 20 pounds! (then went back up a half pound, but we will just go ahead skip over that and hope for a loss again this week!) I decided to go ahead and train for a half marathon! Yikes. I wasn't even seriously running before the end of March, and now I'm running a half marathon on May 30th! I have some great support from my family and I have two friends running with me, so we are checking in daily, which is great. Another challenge is the new heat and humidity. I'm still adjusting! Yesterday's run was tough because of the heat!! I did 8 miles in Chattanooga and I was SO HOT at the end. I am hoping for warm weather on the 29th for my friend's wedding, but then for a cool down overnight on the 30th! If you're in the area I'd love to have you come and cheer me on! Here's the race info!

Sorry no adorable pictures right now since I have to go get the wee one! :)

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