Oct 14, 2009

3 Months Old!

3 Months Old!

I promise I'll post a blog about all our recent adventures to the Outer Banks and elsewhere, but today C is 3 Months old!

She is doing so well! She has started trying to sit up when we hold her reclining, so she much prefers to sit straight up now! (assisted, of course!) She also still likes us to hold her up to stand or over our shoulders to see everything! She did sleep through the night for about a week and then started having (i think!) a 3 month growth spurt. So hopefully she will go back to sleeping through the night here pretty (very!) soon!
She is definitely all smiles! People always comment on what a good baby she is! She hardly ever fusses or cries! She does get a bit sad when she's hungry or tired (which of course is to be expected- so do i! :) but it's hardly anything! She has her off days, which really throw me for a loop because normally she is so good!! :)

She is more alert and more sturdy almost every day it seems! I can't really believe it's been three months. I recently looked at some pictures from when she was a newborn and I already forget what she looked like then!! She is so chunky (in that adorable baby fat way!). I love her chunky thighs, and it really is hard not to just squeeze her!! We love her SO much!

We're gearing up for yet another trip (this time to Nan and GP's in TN!) but in her three short months she's already been to: MA, RI, MD, VA, NC, PA, CT, and NY! And before she is four months she will have added TN and IL to that list! She's quite the traveler! Hopefully I'll catch the blog up soon! :)

C is such a blessing. Really, I feel our marriage is so much stronger with her as a part of our family. I am so thankful to God for all the richness that she has brought to our lives! We certainly have our trying moments (and I usually skip blogging on those days, I guess!) , but I feel like overall, we are SO blessed. :)

Here's a family photo from our trip to the pumpkin patch... C REALLY liked it. (she did, but for some reason was freaking out when we took this!)

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