Oct 20, 2009


So week 2 of our adventures was in the Outer Banks with my Dad, step-mom, bro & sister in law, niece, hubs and C. It was such a fun trip! My Dad rents this awesome house (yay for "off" season!) and we all get to go for free- thanks Dad!

C slept through the night (as i mentioned) for the first time while we were there! Yay! I'll never forget it! It's been off and on since then, but seems to be back on right now, Huzzah! I think she slept through the night because she was so exhausted from all the fun family times. We even made it out to eat with my dad and stepmom one time! (though someone managed to foil our plans for a night out, but we will forgive her because she is soooo cute!)

I love my brother and sister in law and it was so great spending (1/2) the week with them! I hope that next year maybe they can stay the whole time! I ruled at kill dr. lucky (again!), though i may have lost the respect of certain family members (L!) when my competitive (evil!) side came out!

C got her first dip in the Atlantic Ocean... She wasn't too thrilled (it was a bit too cold, but she recovered as soon as she was out of it, so I'm thinking maybe next year she will like it!). My dad got better pictures of her little face crumbling, which i'll have to post later!

B was sweet enough to give me quite a bit of "anne" time, away from C, I love my hubs! My dad got my step-mom, L and I all facials at this posh place nearby, which i LOOOOVED. It was sooo awesome. Another day I got to take a good swim (I looove swimming and don't get to do it enough!) and another day, shopping! C gave him a hard time, unfortunately, at least one of the days! But she is getting better and better with the bottle, woot!

It was so fun to see C1 and imagine how our C (C2) is going to be so similar next year! I can't believe how much she is going to change. (only, i guess i can, because she has already changed sooo much! :::tear:::)

Here's some links to our pictures, because I can't get them to work right now (I'm writing while in TN visiting B's parents).

C's First Dip

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