Oct 27, 2009

Two Years! :)

It's funny how life has changed since this date two years ago! We've had a lot of adventure in the last two years, including the biggest adventure of them all! :
I'm sitting here with my feet up, while the baby is napping and B is making me dinne r (this is the life!!). I'm just trying to reflect on how much life has changed... I'm so blessed! It's hard to put it all into words, i think partly because my memory sucks, and partly because it has all changed SO much! I think the main thing I have to say is just that I need to be more thankful for my wonderful life! Of course, before I was married, I had a pretty wonderful
life, and I really should've been more thankful then. My sin
ner's heart got in the way, same as it does now.

When I opened up my bible today, I came across an old church bulletin that I saved (or, just never threw away...) It had this verse in it that really spoke to me, today.

Romans 15:5
"May the God who gives endurance and encouragement give you a spirit of unity among yourselves as you follow Christ Jesus, so that with one heart and mouth you may glorify the God and Father of our Lord Jesus Christ. "

Of course, Paul wasn't talking about Marriage here, so it is s ort of bad exegesis to apply it to marriage, but that's how it spoke to me today, so here goes it. :) I want to work harder at having a spirit of unity in my marriage. We are united as one, me and B, and i think most of the time we opperate as so. But I'd like to be even better at following his lead and being, well, more agreable. I have a nasty habit of needing to be right! I need to get over it! With God's help, I know I can!
And, the computer shut down without saving a lot of my post, drat! Hopefully I can recapture some of my thoughts...

I want my marriage to glorify God. But with my pesky need to be right, that certainly isn't happening! I also need to be better about spending time in the Word and in prayer. I'm writing this mostly so that my friends and family might offer me some accountability. Please pray for me and ask me how I'm doing being in the word! I so want to be in better relationship with the Lord, and I've been struggling with it lately. I think it is just too easy for me to get caught up in the work of day to day (and let's face it, Facebook...) I need to carve out special time for Him.
I'm going to close this post with a prayer for my married friends. Seems apropos on an anniversary. Please know this is my sincere prayer for you (and me!)! It always seems easier for me to pray for others, so please let me know if you have specific things you need prayer for-- it will help me delve back in to prayer time! :)

"Dear God,
I'm so thankful for this gift you have given me, my husband, B. Please help me to remember what a gift he is! Help all of us, Lord, remember what gifts our spouses are, and help us to remember to treat them as such. You view us all as valuable treasures. Help us to treasure our spouses.
God, please help us to be aware of our selfish ways. For me, one big area is feeling like i NEED to be right. For others, it may look different. But please, Lord, our hearts are for you. Help us to honor and glorify you with our marriages. Help us to die to our selfish ways and become more like you. Only you can transform our hearts!

And God, please help me to continue to be in your Word and spending time
with you. I need it more than I know!


Leaving Port of Miami on our cruise to Grand Cayman and Jamaica

8.5 Months pregnant, visiting the "Green Monstah" in Fenway park.

10/28/07 Day after our Wedding, B surprised me with an vintage car ride! :)

First day of our Honeymoon.


  1. Yeah!! Happy 2 years! Man, the photographer for that shoot at Fenway was fantastic!

  2. Happy Anniversary! It is amazing how much you can fit into two years!