Oct 7, 2009

Two Month Stats (now that she is almost 3 months old...)

So we had C's two month appointment a bit late, and then we got REALLY busy, so I'm just getting around to posting!

So, at 2 months and one week old, her were the stats:

Weight: 12 lbs 8 oz (up from 8.11 at birth and 10.6 at one month)
23 inches (up from 20in at birth and 22 at one month)
15.9 (up from 13.75 at birth ad 15.5 at one month)

so, she's doing great! after much deliberation, we decided to delay the vaccines until her 4 month appointment. So no shots this time!

We can't believe how big she is getting! She is SO alert. She loves to look around over your shoulder and push up! around 10-11 weeks, she started to smile more in response to being tickled/having her face kissed. She smiles at things we do, rather than just smiling back at a smile, which is fun. She's also started giving more smiles to people other than me and B. She is liking tummy time a bit more, but it definitely is NOT the highlight of her day. (the highlight continues to be eating!)

Other exciting updates (most excited for Mummy!) is that she REALLY slept through the night last night. I know, I know, I shouldn't get too excited. She probably won't have a repeat performance, but a Mum can dream, right? But she went down about 830 and slept until 530 and then went back down till 9! Woohoo! ((Update, repeat performance last night! 830-620! WOOT!))

She is an amazing little traveller. She took her first plane ride with me down to Baltimore for Clare's wedding. I was hoping for an empty flight, but we were not so lucky, it was overbooked! Fortunately, the people next to me were (self-proclaimed) "baby-friendly". She didn't sleep, but she was very good! Yay for NOT being the people on the plane that everyone hated! There's a cute picture here (I can't seem to get it to work to be in the post, so you'll just have to click).

We were on the go pretty much once we hit the ground in MD.
Napping with Aunty Clare while Mum's getting a Pedicure

She did GREAT! Of course, I loved having her be admired. :) She napped on the go really well. And at the actual wedding, Genelle, the baby-whisperer, took great care of her, got her to nap AND TO TAKE A BOTTLE!! Shout out to Genelle!

Clare's wedding was so fun, I wish I could've been a part of it a bit more, but between the baby and singing in the service, i felt like i missed a lot. I know that she didn't mind, but come on, I've been planning to be in this wedding for 13 years! I wanted to see more of it!!! :)

Me and C in our matching dresses and Clare, Me and C

Partied Out!

I loved getting to see so many loved ones from the MD area the rest of the week. Between the wedding activities and my various visits the rest of the week, it made me realize just how blessed i am with such amazing friends. And though we may not see each other often, we are able to hang out like no time has passed. (And thank you twitter and facebook, for keeping us all in touch!)

Before the week was out we got to see Aaron and Jenny and meet their little one, which was sooo fun! I can't wait for him to hang out with C when they are both a bit older! I'm still pushing for Aaron to go to Gordon-Conwell for school next year! Hopefully they'll come visit the campus (and us!) soon!

We also got a visit from Shani and her new beau, which as always, was too short. (actually, i could say that about the time i had with anyone and everyone in the DC area!) It was nice to finally meet this guy! B & I liked him, so that's a bonus. :) We're hoping for a visit from them sometime soon, too.

C also got to meet her great-grandmother and all her great aunt's and uncles that she hadn't met yet at a little get together at my grandma's. Here's a pic of four generations!
We basically had a date with a friend everyday we were in the DC area, which was awesome! Even on our way out, C got to meet Katie in VA! :)

Can't leave out from the post that we stayed at my bro and sister-in-law's house in Baltimore. What gracious hosts they are- letting me borrow tons of baby items, a car, and even letting me wash cloth diapers there! Not to mention that my baby had a bad habit of waking their daughter up from her naps!! C1 and C2 (my C is C2) got along fabulously outside of nap time! C1 was infatuated with C2. C1 is definitely expanding her vocabulary, but by far her favorite word was "baby". It was so sweet!

Just for those who keep track of such things (B!!), C has now been to the following states in her less- than 3 months of life:
MA, RI, MD, VA and NC. On the way back from NC we will at least be driving through a few more!

Okay I think this blog post is long enough for today! I'll hopefully update soon about our fun in the Outer Banks!

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