Oct 25, 2009

Another Catch Up Post... Pumpkin Patch!

So when we returned from the OBX we had a few visitors! Our friends Tim and Brianne and their son came to visit on their way back from VT. It was an awesome time. We got to hang out with them and just catch up which was so great. We are so blessed to have so many great friends!

While they were here we decided to look for a place to pick pumpkins. I found a place and to my surprise, it was a "Harvest Hoedown" that weekend! They had hayrides as well as a bunch of other stuff that will be great when C is older.

We got some good pictures, though for some reason C had a freak out right when we were taking the pictures... Her face is pretty hilarious, even though it's so sad!

Once she cheered up, the pictures improved! :)

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